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Chinook RV - Chinook RV Class C Motorhomes

Chinook RV - The "Sports Car" of Motorhomes

Chinook RVs were built to last, and all of the Chinook models from the entry level Chinook RV Eagle to the top of the line Chinook RV Summit featured a unique one piece fiberglass body. This feature makes the Chinook RV extremely durable and lessens the risks of water leaks prone to many RVs. Chinook RV started in 1961 and has had an outstanding reputaion for quality in the motorhome arena until they closed their manufacturing facility in Yakima, Washington.

Chinook RV Luxury Class C Motorhomes

Chinook RV Camper Vans, originated in the garage of Don Lukehart Sr. in the spring of 1961. Mr. Lukehart, an avid enthusiast of outdoor camping, was frustrated with the lack of mobile campers that were presently being offered by manufacturers. In his garage at night, Mr. Lukehart with Gary, his son, worked on converting a Chevrolet Corvair into a mini camper. The results started a trend that revolutionized the RV industry.

In 1971, Gary Lukehart designed the present day Chinook RV Concourse, providing the public with the first one piece, fiberglass body motorhome, that even today carries the only lifetime guarantee in the industry. Chinook RV's commitment to ongoing improvements in quality, and innovative engineering, with strong emphasis on livability and comfort is customer proven. The result is today's state of the art Chinook RV, the ultimate two person coach. With dealers across North America and exports to Europe, the Middle East, and South America, Chinook RV has obtained international recognition as the finest manufacturer of mini motorhomes in the world.

Chinook RV Models

Chinook Premier
Chinook Concourse
Chinook Baja
Chinook Cascade
Chinook Destiny
Chinook Glacier
Chinook Summit

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