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RV Financing Options

RV Loan Application

Fretz RV offers great RV financing specials for both new RVs and used RVs. Our favorable RV financing terms make it very affordable for most people to own an RV. With low rates and terms out to 20 years.  Monthly payments are often much lower than you might expect; making owning the RV of your dreams a reality.

Additional benefits of using a Fretz RV loan for your recreational vehicle:

  • NO pre-payment penalties
  • Simple Interest RV loans
  • The only collateral is the RV (protect your other assets including your home from the unexpected).
  • Instant Approval (qualified buyers)
  • RV Extended Warranties & other optional travel assistance programs

Fretz RV Lending Partners

Calculate the monthly payment for your RV with our online RV Loan Calculator !

Get the Facts About RV Financing

There's no better time to buy an RV! You've searched and researched and you've found the RV of your dreams! Whether it's new or used, the question now is how can you afford to make that dream a reality? The answer: by financing your purchase with terms that make it affordable for most every budget.  There are tremendous benefits to financing an RV.  Please call us to discuss how an RV loan can help you and your specific needs.  Consultations are free, and we are waiting to assist you.