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Chinook RV - Quality Motorhomes

The handling of a luxury sedan, performance of a sports car and all the comforts of home.

Less driving fatigue and ready to enjoy when you get to your destination. Just fits and feels good to drive - 7' 7" wide, 9' 11" high, 21' long.

Can be parked and driven like a van or sport utility vehicle, but with all the appliances and capacities of larger coaches.

One piece molded fiberglass body. Aerodynamic design - better fuel economy, less chance for water leaks, easier to clean and maintain, more stable in adverse weather conditions, durability, structural integrity and safety second to none.

Limited lifetime guarantee on Chinook molded fiberglass exterior body to first owner - 3 year/36,000 mile Ford and Chinook warranties. 24 hour roadside assistance. "Total Peace of Mind."

Arctic foam insulation throughout floor, walls and ceiling - for that just right feeling, either in cold or warm climates. The right way to ensure proper insulation in an RV.

Chinook RV celebrating over 40 years of manufacturing quality motor homes - automotive quality, long term products with high resale value.

Driver and passenger side air bags, 4-wheel antilock brakes - the highest level of safety available in RV's today. Chinook fully meets all FMVSS, CMVSS, CSA, Ford QVM and RVIA standards.

10 Reasons To Buy A Chinook RV

  1. Structural Integrity
    Don't be misled by false claims. CHINOOK manufactures the only one-piece, molded Fiberglass body in the industry. Patented, aerodynamic design with a lifetime guarantee - durability and structural integrity second-to-none.
  2. Ease of Drive-ability
    The handling of a luxury sedan, performance of a sports car, and all the luxuries of home. Less driving fatigue - ready to enjoy when you get to your destination. Can be parked and driven like a van or sport utility vehicle, but with all the appliances and capabilities of larger coaches.
  3. Safety & Reliability
    CHINOOK offers the highest level of safety available in RV's today. New CHINOOK owners enjoy a 3-year/36,000-mile CHINOOK workmanship warranty, Ford and Chevy warranties and 24-hour roadside assistance programs. The lowest warrantee-claim record in its class - meets all FMVSS, CMVSS, CSA, Ford and Chevy QVM and RIVA standards.
  4. Resale Value
    Automotive quality with long-term value! CHINOOK RV has the highest resale value in its class. New or used - loyal CHINOOK owners tell us that once they've owned a CHINOOK, they'll never own anything else!
  5. Innovative Design
    Well-designed living space and storage compartments for maximum comfort and convenience. The modern-day CHINOOK is the result of over 4 decades of design innovation, modifications and improvements. We listen to what our customers are asking for - improving on our current models, and developing new products to meet market demands.
  6. Construction Materials
    CHINOOK uses the finest construction materials available. Innovative DIAB sandwich materials, vacuum bagging and resin-infusion techniques make CHINOOK's new one-piece fiberglass shell lighter, stronger, and more durable than ever.
  7. Appliances & Amenities
    Where style meets the road! CHINOOK offers the most luxurious fixtures, appliances and amenities in its class including handcrafted hardwood cabinets, Corian countertops, wall-to-wall carpet with Rebond pad, available tile in kitchen and bath, available all-leather furniture, and more!
  8. Electronics & Components
    CHINOOK's Glacier 2500 and Summit 2700 are the only class C motorhomes with HWH, state-of-the-art CAN (Controlled Area Network) technology. Top-of-the-line entertainment components, kitchen appliances, generators, and Global Positioning System (GPS) also available.
  9. Custom Manufacturing
    With the exception of our Dealer display models, every CHINOOK is built-to-order to exact customer specifications. Buyers choose from a variety of optional floor plans, interior color schemes, custom paint, and upgrade packages.
  10. Attention to Detail
    Depending on the model, it takes up to 900 labor-hours to build a CHINOOK - more than twice the amount of time spent on any other class C motorhome. Our attention to detail and rigorous quality assurance program are unparalleled.

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