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Roadtrek Motorhomes - Roadtrek SS Ideal

The state-of-the-art Roadtrek SS Ideal is the newest lineup of the hugely popular Roadtrek class B motorhomes. In December of 2009, Roadtrek Motorhomes Inc. introduced a product like none other: the industry's first and only slide room out the rear cargo doors of a class B (van camper). With the slide room retracted behind the rear doors, you'll have the convenience of less than 20 feet of vehicle length when parking and driving. After you arrive at the destination of your choice, simply open the rear doors and push the slide out button to extend the slide room to gain an additional 3 feet of living space.

As with all Roadtrek motorhomes, safety is important. By utilizing the existing rear door opening, the vehicles' original structural integrity is not compromised in any way. Roadtrek performs extensive safety testing few motorhome manufacturers are willing to or able to duplicate.

The 3 foot slide out allows for a larger permanent bathroom, larger 5 cu. ft. refrigerator, and more storage. And all this without giving up space, features, or fuel economy. The slide room contains half of the double bed which converts to a sofa (with 2 seat belts). Along with the sofa, a table and two jump seats create a nice rear seating area for four. A table and two front captain seats provides a seating area separate from the rear bed.

The Roadtrek SS Ideal is perfect for the RV enthusiast wanting a high quality, brilliantly engineered, fuel efficient, and easy to drive and park motorhome that still has enough room inside to make you feel at home.

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