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RV Buying Tips

Where to buy your RV?

Most people do some research before they select and buy a big ticket item like an RV. However, where to buy a recreational vehicle is often something that is overlooked; and may be equally as important. RV Dealers have ratings in the RV community just like the products they represent. Some RV Dealers have outstanding reputations for customer service, and there are others that simply do not.

RVs also come in many shapes and sizes. Having an RV Dealer that not only has quality products to offer you, but is also willing to invest the time to help you navigate through the RV buying experience will make your shopping experience a positive one. In addition to having someone to answer questions and make suggestions, a good RV Dealer can also assist with RV financing options, service and storage needs, and RV accessory add-ons. The recreational vehicle dealer is a key part of your RV buying process. Is the RV Dealer you are working with capable of properly servicing your RV? Not all RV Dealerships employ RVIA Certified Technicians, so make sure to ask the RV Dealer you are working with if their technicians are RVIA Certified.

Fretz RV has built its business on family values and quality products. Fretz RV has been in business since 1946 and has always put the customer first, ensuring the best level of service before the sale, during the sale, and after the sale. Our service department is second to none. We employ RVIA certified and master certified RV technicians capable of handling all of your service needs. We work on all major appliances as well as all make and model RVs. While shopping for your new or used RV, make it a point to ask if the technicians are certified. Most service departments that employ RVIA certified techs post the credentials on the wall and will be proud to show you the certificates.

Due to the outstanding reputation Fretz RV has in the recreational vehicle community, our service department is often booked during the peak camping season. As a special benefit to customers who have purchased their new or used RV from Fretz RV, we put "our customer's" first. What that really means is that a customer who bought their RV from Fretz RV will have preferential treatment in the service department for appointments and various other service "perks". It's one of many ways Fretz RV shows its appreciation towards its loyal customers.

So remember, where you buy is just as important as what you buy. Make sure you have a well equipped and capable service department to take care of you after the "sale". There are many RV Dealers, choose your RV Dealer wisely.

Did you know interest paid on an RV loan is tax deductible?