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Defining a New Category of Family Vehicle and Luxury Travel

What drove Roadtrek to create a category defying vehicle? Recognizing a need and using Roadtrek's decades of experience and innovation to meet it.

If it looks like no other SUV, RV or minivan, that's because until now, there's never been anything like it. Roadtrek's purpose, was to build true utility into the Roadtrek N6-Active to support you and your family, as well as your busy lifestyle.

With seating for 7 and sleeping up to 5, the Roadtrek N6 Active is a drastic transformation from the conventional Class B Van camper or the stereotypical soccer mom mini-van. The Roadtrek N6 Active could be the best of both worlds. An SUV with a refrigerator, sink, microwave and shower? A minivan that can easily tow 9,000 lbs? An SUV that gets up to 18 MPG? A people hauler that you wouldn't be embarrassed to drive? An RV you can drive everyday? These are just a few of the features of the N6-Active by Roadtrek.

To learn more about the Roadtrek N6 Active, contact our RV Dealership, or call us toll free at 800-673-7389.