Winter Travel Tips in Your RV

Winter is in full swing and that means the roads may be a little more difficult for your RV travels. These RV driving tips will help you through winter’s tricky driving conditions to ensure you continue to enjoy a safe and fun RV season.

Don’t Be in a Hurry

Give yourself plenty of extra time to arrive at your destination in case a winter storm occurs at some point in your travels. It’s important for RV drivers — whether you’re driving a motorhome or towable — to pull over immediately when winter weather arrives. Do not head back onto the roads until they’ve been sanded or cleared.

Although it might take you longer to get to your destination, you can avoid permanent damage to your motorhome or jack-knifing your travel trailer and putting your family at risk.

Be Aware of Rear Wheel Drive

If you’re used to driving a front-wheel drive vehicle in wintry conditions, you’ll quickly realize that maneuvering an RV’s rear-wheel drive system can feel a bit more difficult. Kick your front-wheel driving techniques to the curb and get used to your old habits of pumping the brakes lightly when you start to slide. Always leave a lot of room between yourself and other drivers, because sliding in a motorhome or with a travel trailer can be very dangerous.

Create a Winter RV Checklist

There are a number of steps you’ll want to take before hitting the road in cold temperatures or winter conditions. Create a checklist to ensure you don’t miss any of the essential winter RV tasks like making sure your fuel tank is at least half full, checking your wiper blades, properly inflating your tires and ensuring you have all of the necessary supplies should you be stopped in a winter storm.

Let Fretz RV Ensure Your RV Is Winter-Ready

Before you hit the roads in your RV this season, bring your travel trailer, motorhome or fifth wheel by Fretz RV to ensure that it’s ready to handle whatever winter has to throw at it. If it’s time to upgrade, stick around and tour the inventory at Fretz RV to find your next rig.

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