Visiting Yellowstone National Park

Most travel enthusiasts have a bucket list of destinations they’d like to see at some point in their lives. With spots ranging from big cities to famous landmarks, there are plenty of reasons to involve your travel trailer or motorhome in discovery. One such popular spot is the historic Yellowstone National Park.

On March 1, 1872, a massive area that stretches into three states became known as America’s first national park, Yellowstone. With all that space, there is obviously a lot of ground to cover. With so much to see, where would one begin? Here, we have pointed out some important tips to know before hitting the trail in search of this beloved park.

Plan Accordingly
The speed limit is 45mph but with all the animals and possible traffic, you might be doing closer to 25mph. Don’t let that discourage you though because there are so many chances to take pictures that you won’t even notice! Staying inside the park itself with your RV is the best way to maximize your time and resources. This will come in handy especially during peak times, June through August, where many of on lookers are passing through. If you plan to go this month or during the winter, you have the option of riding a snowmobile in a guided tour. Let’s not forget other seasonal favorites such as skiing, snowshoeing, and playing in the snow!

Gain A New Perspective
One of the best ways to really understand the park is to see it through the eyes of someone who deals with it the most, a park ranger. Not only can they answer your questions, they can lead you to some scenic views and infuse you with useful knowledge about the land and its functions. These guides offer many opportunities across the park to teach and show you the wonders of Yellowstone in all genres of interest. In addition to park rangers, so much of the visit has gone digital! You can do video walks, explore interactive maps, and check the park out on webcams in real time.

To learn more about the park, or COVID guidelines, you can check out the National Park Service site here. Visiting Yellowstone National Park in your camper is a trip you’ll remember for a lifetime. Now you have the insight to tweak it just enough to make it even better. Have you been here before? Will you now be planning a trip? Let us know what you think on  Facebook or Twitter!

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