Virtual RV Shopping

Shopping for the perfect RV can be quite complicated. There are all the varying model types, brands, and features to go over. With all that information, the idea of coming to the dealership to do research could be a bit daunting. Getting as many details as you can from the comfort of your computer is a big help.

Virtual Tour

Now, we’ve got one more way to get you fully prepared for the day you come in person. This comes in the form of the virtual tour! Get a better, in motion look at what it would be like to step inside one of these beauties! Understanding the movement and space on several different units will help you get a better feel for what you’re really hoping to have in one of your own. Check out the inventory online and you’ll find many units with video tours.RV Comparison

Interested in more than one RV unit? On the search listings, there is an option for comparison! Just click the ones you’re most interested in and they will be displayed side-by-side so you can see all specs and extras lined out before you.fretz-rv-inventory
This gives you the opportunity to check out the various specifications that as a buyer, are important to you. The image below shows only some of the items listed in the comparison, you can continue scrolling to get a real idea of what sets each unit apart and how that relates to what you’re looking for.
You don’t even have to leave your couch to get some real RV shopping done. Just call the dealership at 215-723-3121 and tell us you want to see a live demo or use the comparison tool on our inventory! These are the easiest way to utilize the internet to its fullest extent on your motorhome search!With so much to see, and 24/7 availability, there’s no time like the present to make your RV hunt a virtual one! Have you taken one of these interactive, in depth looks inside our inventory? Let us know your virtual RV shopping experience on Facebook or Twitter!

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