Valentine’s Day RVing


Being the owner of a Philadelphia RV puts you at a great advantage this time of the year. When others are scrambling to come up with the perfect Valentine’s Day itinerary, you need only look outside the window. See, instead of booking an exclusive table at an expensive restaurant, you have the good fortune of only needing to go to the store and pick up a few things. Instead of finding the best hotel package for a weekend, you just need to pull out the map and find the perfect route. Being an RVer means you get to be more creative, thoughtful, and adventurous because the party or moment is wherever you want it to be. Still need some inspiration for that all-important day of love? Here are a couple of ideas for sure to get you thinking!

The Day
If you are able to take the day off with your sweetheart, don’t let time slip away! There is perhaps no better way to get going in the morning than with a nice, toasty beverage watching the sunrise. No need for a skyline hotel with picture windows when you’ve got an RV. Plan ahead by finding a nice peak or hillside and face it east. Keep the plan to yourself for a lovely surprise towards the one you love!

The Weekend
Got a few days? Grab a bottle of your favorite wine, fruits, and picnic accessories. Then, pack up your motorhome and head out to a nearby but somewhat private locale. Turn one day of romance into a weekend of delightful picnics, spontaneous discovery, and under-the-stars wonder.

This was just a springboard of possibilities to get you going. Do you plan on involving your RV in Valentine’s Day plans? Let us know how romantic you plan to be aboard your motorhome in on Facebook!

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