Staying Alert On A Long RV Trip

One of the most exciting times aboard your Philadelphia RV is heading out on a long trip. Once you’re all packed and ready to go, you feel like nothing is going to stop you from reaching your destination. You wake up extra early, hit the road perhaps just before dawn and are prepared for driving into the sunset. Even so, no matter how strong your intentions are you could use some extras to perk you up from time to time, especially if you’re the driver. Below are some tips to keep you alert on a long RV trip.

Hey baby, it’s cold outside!
When it’s chilly, nothing beats warming your hands in front of the heater in your vehicle. Soon, you’re nice and toasty again! it sounds quite relaxing to drive snuggled up in the warmth of the cab. At the beginning of a long haul, this might be particularly enjoyable since it can be cold in the mornings. As the day goes on though, and the sun begins to blare, it might be smart to turn that heater off. The warmer air, the more likely the heat will bring on fatigue. If you begin to notice you’ve gotten too warm and the sleep is about to creep, roll down your window and let the cooler air in.It will instantly jar your system and wake you up.

drink-water-rvingHave a drink!
Many people refer to coffee as their go-to energy-inducing beverage. While this works for some,the effects are not necessarily long lasting. Some even report to having increased drowsiness later on in the day. For the reasons listed in the previous paragraph, you might even consider a cold beverage instead. One of the best drinks for natural energy supplements is green or white tea. These teas are not only good at helping you have vigor; they also packed with antioxidants to keep you healthy.

Do you have any tips for keeping alert on long trips in your motorhome? Feel free to share your experiences with fellow RVers on Facebook or Twitter!

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