Saving Fuel For Summer


For children and adults alike, it’s one of the most wonderful times of the year. A time from the chaos that is every day life is but a dream for any other time of the year. Then, a glimmer of happiness appears as the heat draws near. Before you know it, packing has commenced and you’re about to take off! While many things may be easy to forget, there is one thing that you’ll always be aware of and that would be fuel. Gas prices vary greatly at pumps across the nation; one thing that resonates in all of us is the reality of how pricey it is to fill up! Here we offer you a few tips on ways to keep those costs down.

Think Thin
The more load you have on your body, the more you need to eat in order to maintain the proper energy to keep in motion. The same goes for your motorhome! The more stuff you pack, the more fuel it will take to get it going. Before you put something in your bag, try to put thought into whether you need that item. Just because you have a kitchen sink doesn’t mean you have to take everything else aboard. Minimize your bags then both you and your camper will be happy.

Watch The Speed
If 60mph equals one minute, imagine how much quicker you’ll get to your destination if you put your pedal to the metal. While that initially puts a smile on your face, consider the alternative. The faster you go, the faster fuel just slips out. Because of the heavy load, you’ll have to refuel more often to keep up with the demands of such a massive vehicle going so swiftly down the highway. Maintaining a safe speed will be better on your fuel economy as well as your wallet.

Now that you’ve learned some tips for saving fuel for summer with RVing, there will be more money in your wallet to go towards souvenirs! Make sure to get something new for decoration in your Philadelphia RV!



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