RVing To Wayne National Forest

fret_rv_forestWith spring slowly creeping in, many are still in need of a touch of nature to help inspire future trip planning. Perhaps this year you could try a getaway to someplace new in your Philadelphia RV! Try seven hours west to the beautiful lands of Wayne National Forest.

About The Forest
This oasis of lush greenery is nestled quietly in the southern hills of Ohio. Over 250,000 miles of land come off the edges of the Appalachians. Wayne has over 300 miles available for adventure,which can include biking, horseback riding, your ATV, hiking, or camping with your motorhome or travel trailer. To get the most out of the area, plan a trip to for April when all the trails are open or May!

What To Experience
This national forest is known for a lot of things. Perhaps the most appealing in the spring would be the abundance of wildflowers! Various shades of yellow, orange, red, green, and violet are painted across the landscape for a delightful visual experience. An additional reason to take out your camera would be the very distinctive rock formations that can be found in numerous supply. Aside from the natural allure, there are plenty of activities available to get into as well. Fishing and hunting are quite popular, depending on the time, of year as is camping. There are several spots you must be sure to see, including a favorite of all visitors, the covered bridges found all throughout the forest and are 100 years old. Another would be the Vesuvius Furnace, an 1833 almost-restored furnace made out of iron.What a great place to escape to!

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