RVing To A Wildlife Refuge

As we edge closer and closer to that first real break of the year, many of us are stumped on where to take off. Mountains? Beach? It’s hard to say where our trip loyalties lie. One thing is for sure; we want to get there by road! This is when our motorhome comes into play, there is no better way to escape our routine lives than heading out to nature and the elements. One of our favorites is located in the south east, perfect for a snowbird called Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge.


In the 35,000-acre refuge, much variety can be found. There are so many species of each animal to be found such as 74 reptilian and amphibian, 47 mammal, 114 species of fish, and 285 songbirds. Talk about conquering that bird-watching list! This is also the home for a gathering for Canadian geese during winter months–a must see for sure! There is a wildlife observation building so you can more familiarize with every sort of animal the refuge can support.


Once you have enough of literal sight seeing, you might want to stretch your legs a bit. While Wheeler is a refuge it is also home to a ton of fun for all ages! There is boating, bicycling,fishing/hunting, and plenty of hiking trails! Need mental stimulation? There are educational programs focusing on conservation on the grounds. Staying at a place like this, being able to take in nature is really the beauty of RVing. There is nothing quite like being that far removed from the constant busy lives many of us have. Have you retreated out to Wheeler Wildlife? Let us know your suggestions about the trip on Facebook or Twitter!

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