RV Winterize Tips

Fretz RV TowableAs many of you who have lived in the north are aware, our winters can get rough. Dealing with the ins and outs of temperamental mother nature makes it the utmost importance to be prepared. You never know when there will be a drop in temperatures that could have a lasting impact on your beloved motorhome or towable. So here, we give you a couple of RV winterize tips to keep in mind.
Sometimes, owners will park their motorhome in the driveway for the winter. Either they are sensitive to the cool temperatures or they don’t have the time to travel during the seaon. So, they pull a tarp nice and tight over the top and wait for spring. Once the sun has brought back warmth to the campgrounds, the RV will be uncovered. What awaits the owner inside is nothing but shock. Those months the unit was hibernating, something else had settled in as well – mold.Once it settles into the walls of the vehicle, it can be painstaking to remove. Avoid the hassle by being prepared before you shut down. There are several products, which can be found in our catalog that sits out and sucks up all the moisture in the air. The other issue here is the tarp. If there are any water molecules on the roof or walls, they will be trapped when covered. After long periods of time, this will cause a major problem. If you must cover it, get something that breathes. You may need to consult with a Fretz RV specialist to get the right design.
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Speaking of water, the pipes it flows through must also be accountable. You will need to purchase non-toxic antifreeze from your RV dealer to ensure you’re getting what you need. Putting in regular automotive fluids could come with costly repairs.
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