RV Recipe: Sweet Potato Casserole

Every year, most of us scour recipe books and cooking websites in order to find that breakout concoction that will have our family and friends delighted, especially during the holidays. Unfortunately, many forget the simple splendor of taking an old, favorite recipe and giving it our own magic touch. Here we present to you RV Recipe: Sweet Potato Casserole.
Sweet Potato Casserole
  • 5 sweet potatoes
  • 2/3 cup brown sugar
  • ¼ cup margarine
  • ½ cup crushed pineapple
  • 1 bag mini marshmallows

Before the perfect combination of sweet and salty come together, preparation must be made. Make sure to give yourself an hour to complete the entire dish.

First, preheat your oven to 350°.While you wait for the oven to warm up, place the potatoes on a baking sheet and give them their space. Set the timer to 40 minutes and use this time to mix the other ingredients, minus the marshmallows, so when it’s time you can just pour them in with the potatoes.

Once they are fully baked, keep your gloves on and begin to take the skin off, which should come off pretty easily. Feel free to leave the oven on for a few minutes while you put everything together. You’ll need the same temperature in a few minutes. Then, place them in a bowl and begin to mash. After a good bit has begun to be squashed, go ahead and add the mixture you prepared earlier.

Spoon the orange mass into a Pyrex dish and smooth out the top upon completion. Now,take a handful of mini marshmallows and begin to sprinkle them across the top of the casserole until it’s covered.Slide the dish back into the oven for about 8 minutes. Don’t go too far, it’s important to keep an eye out to avoid burning the gooey white stuff. You’ll want them melted with perhaps a slight toasty brown on the edges.

Now you’re all done! Wait a few minutes and serve!

Have you cooked Sweet Potato Casserole in your Fretz RV before? If this is your first time, let us know how it turns out on Facebook or Twitter!

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