RV First Aid: Boil and Bruise


Welcome to RV First Aid, exploring options for the uh-oh moments related to the great outdoors. There are many options for getting better without medicine located in every part of your Fretz RV that you’ll always feel covered from the possible mishaps along the way. Let’s get started!

Similar to blisters, boils are quite uncomfortable on the skin. An ingrown or infected hair is the most common cause for one of these painful occurrences. It can happen easily, especially if you are on an extended camping trip. Once you have determined that what you’re dealing with is a boil, it’s important to remedy the situation quickly. The longer it stays this way, the more infected it will get. Avoid cutting your trip short by pulling out the tomato paste. Yes, this necessary addition to spaghetti transforms into a compress when applied to the inflicted area. Acid in the food product softens associated pain and will cause the boil to bust.

While a bruise itself doesn’t produce broken skin or stream of blood, it can be quite painful. The soreness of busted vessels under the skin can, at times, seem to last for far too long. Some gain bruises easier than others but when it comes to physical activity outdoors, anyone is susceptible. This is also one injury that can’t find much relief from the first aid kit. So, what can be done? Get our your vinegar! Pour enough on a cotton ball to saturate the middle. Place it over the bruise and make sure it stays there for about an hour. The appearance will shrink and healing will be accelerated.

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