Protecting Your RV Tires

CaptureWith summer around the corner, it’s time to think about how you can protect your RV in advance of the miles it will put on. The most often overlooked part of the drive would be the tires. No one wants to be stranded with a blowout on the side of the road in sweltering heat. It is important to always check your tires before heading out on the open road. Here, we offer tips on protecting your tires for the long or short haul!

Tires are vulnerable while cruising the highways in your camper. The elements can literally eat away at the rubber causing them to deteriorate rapidly. Harmful elements such as water, UV light, formaldehyde, and the ozone can damage your tires. Good tire dressings will help with these problems. Ultima Tire and Trim Guard are helpful investments and are long lasting products for tire protection.

Check air pressure on a regular basis. Proper tire inflation during hot months is crucial. Under-inflated tires are worse than over-inflated ones. Heat is actually one of a tire’s worst enemies. The hotter your tires get, the higher the risk of a blowout. Heat has a higher impact than the cold because tires build pressure, which can lead to overheating.

Examine all four tires on your RV before any journey. Check for cracks, bulges and worn-out tread that might indicate it’s time to go ahead and replace them. Check the manufacturer date to be sure you’re not driving on old tires.

It’s also important to inspect valve caps. Metal caps hold the potential to weld onto your tire valves when the weather heats up. This makes it more difficult to refill your tires air pressure to the appropriate PSI. Consider using plastic caps, which stand up to the heat much better.

If you’re unsure of the health of your RV tires, bring them by Fretz RV, just north of Philadelphia and we’d be glad to take a look!

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