Pleasure-Way Plateau Class B Motor Home Review: 2 Easy Ways to Travel

No matter where you plan to go, the Pleasure-Way Plateau class B motor homes at Fretz RV are a great way to explore. You’ll love the powerful diesel engines, luxury amenities, and so much more that are packed into these motorhomes. Learn about two of our favorite floorplans in this Pleasure-Way Plateau class B motor home review.

Pleasure Way Main
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Pleasure-Way Plateau FL

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter 3500 van chassis is combined with Eco-Ion 200Ah lithium batteries, providing a reliable, fast-charging design that will keep you on the road longer. You’ll love that the touchscreen control panels give you easy access to everything you need. Additionally, the inflatable air bed is an excellent solution to keeping your space clear during the day and still having a comfortable place to rest after a long day.

Additional Features:

  • Swivel Seating
  • Inflatable Air Bed
  • Touchscreen Control Panels
  • Wet Bath
  • Exterior Shower
Pleasure Way Living
There’s plenty of space to rest and relax in this space!

Pleasure-Way Plateau TS

Travel anywhere your heart takes you with the Pleasure-Way Plateau TS class B motorhome from Fretz RV. The full-sized wardrobe makes this an excellent option that allows you to bring along all your clothing and gear! The power sofa gives you the space you need to get a great night’s sleep anywhere you go!

Additional Features:

  • Power Sofa
  • Touchscreen Control Panels
  • Lagun Table System
  • Inflatable Cab Air Bed
  • Full-Size Wardrobe
Pleasure Way Interior
You’ll love how cozy this cab is for long-distance drives!

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