Pete’s RV Corner – Top 10 Pre-Season Tips

Lets get ready for the RV season!

Hi, Pete Cozzi here and welcome to Pete’s RV Corner in PA! As the season changes and the weather starts to warm up, it’s time to start preparing your RV for your next adventure. Proper maintenance can ensure that your RV is safe and ready for the road. Here are our top 10 pre-season maintenance tips to get your RV ready for the season.

1. Check the Batteries
The first thing you should do is check the batteries in your RV. Make sure they are fully charged and clean any corrosion off the terminals. Replace any batteries that are more than three years old.
2. Inspect the Tires
Check the air pressure in all tires, including the spare, and make sure they are in good condition. Look for any cracks, bulges, or signs of wear. Replace any tires that are more than six years old.
3. Check the Brakes
Test the brakes to make sure they are working properly. If you hear any unusual sounds or notice that it takes longer to stop, have them checked by a professional.
4. Test the Lights
Check all exterior lights, including turn signals, brake lights, and headlights. Replace any bulbs that are not working.
5. Inspect the Roof
Inspect the roof for any cracks, holes, or other damage. Clean any debris or dirt off the roof and reseal any areas that may be leaking.
6. Check the Plumbing
Test the plumbing system to make sure it is working properly. Look for any leaks or clogs and repair them before hitting the road.
7. Clean the Interior
Thoroughly clean the interior of the RV, including carpets, upholstery, and cabinets. Check for any signs of pests or rodents and take necessary steps to prevent them.
8. Service the Generator
If your RV has a generator, have it serviced to ensure it is running smoothly. Check the oil level and replace the oil and filters as needed.
9. Change the Oil
If your RV has an engine, change the oil and oil filter before heading out on your next trip.
10. Stock up on Supplies
Make sure you have all the necessary supplies for your trip, including food, water, bedding, and other essentials.

By following these pre-season maintenance tips, you can ensure that your RV is ready for your next adventure. For more tips and advice, visit Pete’s RV Corner in PA. We’re here to help you make the most of your RV experience.

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