Limited Edition National Park Foundation Travato Class B Motorhome Review: Order Yours Today!

Now is your chance to order one of the Limited Edition National Park Foundation Travato class B motorhomes.  These exclusive motorohomes feature beautiful interiors, custom paint jobs, and more!  Find out what you’ll love in this Limited Edition National Park Foundation Travato class B motorhome review.

Travato Nation Park Foundation
Only 100 units are being made! Order yours today!

Support the National Parks

Winnebago has partnered with the National Parks Foundation to produce this limited edition Travato!  For each unit sold, Winnebago has pledged to donate $250 to the Nation Parks Foundation to help improve and sustain our countries beautiful parks.


The Limited Edition National Parks Foundation Travato will be available in the KL and GL floorplans.  The KL floorplan, pictured below, will include a wet bath, twin beds with a flex-bed system that allows you to combine the twin into a larger single bed.  You’ll also find a wardrobe in the rear and a kitchen near the front with a two-burner cooktop, pull-out extension, and a flip-out table!  Some additional features include:

  • Bike rack
  • Removable floor mat in the main living area
  • Rolef magnetic side screen door
  • 11,600 watt hours of stored energy in a Larger Pure3 power pack
  • Front and rear Sumo springs
  • 24″ HDTV
Travato Floor plan
Travato Floor plan

Limited Edition

Because these National Parks Foundations Travato motorhomes are limited edition, Winnebago is only producing 100 units!  That means that once they’ve sold all 100, they are gone!  So, if you want to own one you need to act fast, sales have already begun, so there are less than one hundred Travatos left to claim!  These special motorhomes will feature a custom, unique paint job, and the National Parks Foundation logo, so you’ll really stand out wherever you go!

Contact us today to place an order for these limited edition motorhomes. Act fast, there are not many left to claim!

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