Opus Camper OPUS Travel Trailer Review: 2 Options for Easy Travel

When you plan your next adventure, do it in one of the incredible Opus Camper OPUS travel trailers for sale and on order at Fretz RV. Today, we’ll take a look at just two of our favorite floorplans and features that make them perfect for family fun at the campground. Learn more in this Opus Camper OPUS travel trailer review.

Opus main
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Opus Camper Opus OP15

Your family of five can easily enjoy the best campgrounds around the country in one of the Opus Camper Opus OP15 travel trailers from Fretz RV. The bunk beds for the kids are spacious enough to ensure everyone gets a great night’s sleep. You’ll find that the king bed is the perfect place to call it a night and enjoy comfortable, refreshing sleep no matter where you go. The slide-out kitchen makes cooking around the campfire easier. The kitchen comes equipped with a pull-out cutting board section, a slide-out pantry, and stainless steel surfaces.

Additional Features:

  • Wet Bath
  • Bunk Beds
  • L-Shaped Dinette Lounge
  • Slide Out Kitchen
  • Exterior Slide Out
  • 300 Watt Solar System
Opus OP15 Layout
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Opus Camper Opus OP4

Another excellent option for traveling the country is the Opus Camper Opus OP4 travel trailer, which sleeps six. The double-sized bed tents on either side of the trailer offer ample sleeping space for your crew, and the large U-shaped dinette is ideal for family dinners. You’ll find that the exterior kitchen provides everything you need to make meals around the campground a breeze. And, if you love camping off-the-grid, this travel trailer offers four days of off-grid capability! 

Additional Features:

  • Double-Size Tent Beds
  • U-Shaped Dinette
  • Exterior Kitchen Slide
  • Exterior Refrigerator Slide
  • Four-Day Off-Grid Capability
Opus OP4 Layout
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