Help the Fur Family Charity Drive!

February is all about love, so why not show some this month by sharing our Fretz RV Facebook page to benefit Quakertown Veteriniary Clinic and Last Chance Ranch? Each new fan on our page will be worth $2 to each organization during our Fur Family Charity Drive!

The success of the Fur Family Charity Drive is up to fans like you. It’s running all month long, so there’s plenty of time to visit Fretz RV’s Facebook page, Quakertown Veterinary Clinic’s page, and Last Chance Ranch’s page. After you’ve liked each page, get your friends and family to do so as well and the numbers will really add up. Both organizations help animals in the community get the care and protection they need.

Quakertown Veterinary Clinic serves a wide range of animals in need of medical care, including cats, dogs, horses, various farm animals, and even exotic animals.

Last Chance Ranch is an animal rescue facility that takes in, nurses, and seeks homes for many different animals, from cats and dogs to horses, birds, pigs, reptiles, rabbits, and many more.

Operating costs for both can be steep as they attempt to house, nurture, and find homes for animals in need, so your help in the Fur Family Charity Drive is greatly appreciated!

Visit Fretz RV

After you like our page, why not come by and tour an RV with us at Fretz RV. Find the perfect RV for your family and then stop by Last Chance Ranch to see what animals they have for adoption. Whether you’re seeking a new family member for home or for life on the road, you’ll be giving a homeless animal another shot at life.

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