Get Ready For Thanksgiving


The holiday that starts the biggest shopping craze of the year is more though than just a doorway to Christmas. Thanksgiving is about being grateful for what you have, where you are, and for what is to come. We here at Fretz RV hope that all of our friends and family will have a fantastic holiday season. Here we share some of our favorite ways to get ready for Thanksgiving.

One fun way to disconnect from the digital world we all so often find ourselves in is by decorating. Some save that energy for the bigger holidays next month but there are plenty of ways to show cheer for Thanksgiving around the house or motorhome. One item that every table or dinette could use is a centerpiece. Whether it’s turkey related or not, there are ways to spruce up your tabletop. One great tip is by finding an older, unused basket around the house and wrapping fall themed ribbon around it. Add some fruit and vegetables and you’ve got a festive item!

Need a little extra child-like inspiration? Get the kids involved with creating decorations! Locate some construction paper, felt, or foam sheets for the making of a teepee. Wrap them like a cone and use some glue to keep them shut. Feel free to leave a little hole at the top to push a couple of sticks through for foundation. Before putting it together though, let the little ones put their own decorative touches on so they are all ready to dry once constructed.

These are just a couple of the fun ways to get involved in setting the stage for Turkey Day. Will you be out traveling with your camper for Thanksgiving or will you be staying in town? Let us know what you’re excited about this holiday season!

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