Is Full Time RVing for You? Take This Quiz

Many people are embracing a new way of life that involves traveling constantly. Sounds exciting doesn’t it? Imagine being able to say goodbye to the lawns that need cutting, the external siding and interior walls that need painting, and general maintenance that will keep you busy from now till Sunday. We are in a time where you can work from your RV while crossing destinations off of your bucket list!

But first, complete this very informal self-survey before sticking that “For Sale” sign on your yard! If you discover that you possess the majority of the personality attributes required for a life spent only traveling, full-time RVing might be right for you!

You receive one point for each “Yes” response to a question about a personality feature. Then review your outcomes below.

  1. Are you a risk-taker? A person who enjoys seeing and doing new things is described as being adventurous. They are open to new ideas and eager to take on risks.
  2. Are you creative? When an unforeseen issue arises, a resourceful individual might use their inventive thinking. They embrace every challenge with a “can do” mentality. Like changing the flat tire on the RV’s highway side during rush hour in a big city. Oof!
  3. Are you patient? The ability to peacefully accept a challenge or delay without grumbling is patience. People who are patient are not readily angered and approach even challenging situations with composure and dignity.
  4. Are you organized? You may not think of this quality when you think of camping, but you’ll need it!
  5. Are you adaptive? A person who is adaptable has the drive and willingness to take on challenges. When conditions vary or change, they can adjust.
  6. Are you independent? A self-reliant camper is self-assured and capable of doing things for oneself, much like a resourceful person. If you’ve been RVing for a while or have camped as a kid, you probably have a variety of camping-related skills and information.

Lets see what your results are!

6 points: You are definitely a full time RVer. Start packing up, and put the for sale sign out— its RV time!

4- 5 points: Close enough! You’re a full time RVer!

2-3 points: Hmm. Are you sure you didnt miss anything? How bout we go back and take the survey again…. I’m sure your score will improve 😉

0-1 point: Maybe the RV life-style isn’t for you? Thats alright! Plenty of other hobbies to enjoy I guess!

Visit Fretz RV to find your new home!

How did you score? Being a full time RVer is definitely for a certain type of people. If you’re not one of those people, but you still love adventure, buying an RV to take out at your leisure is a great bet! At Fretz RV, we have hundreds of RVs in all different brands, shapes, and sizes. Travel trailers, class A, B and C motorhomes, fifth wheels, toy-haulers… you name it. Come and find the one that fits you and your lifestyle!

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