Easy RV Laundry Maintenance

rv-laundry-fretz-rvAn issue that does not come up very often, but when it does becomes a major inconvenience, is laundry. We all know that space inside of an RV or camper is at a premium, and every inch of space is used. It’s safe to say that anyone who owns an RV knows from experience that if the washer or dryer stops working, it puts everyone in a panic. Going to a laundry mat on the road might not be possible. Here we share some tips on how to keep the wardrobe emergencies at bay with easy RV laundry maintenance.

Today’s compact washers and dryers are perfect for RVs! That alone means that anytime a problem with the machine comes up, accessing parts of the machine are next to impossible. For most, though, it’s very difficult and risky. That’s difficult because although the machines are small, they’re still heavy and bulky. The risky part is trying to move them without doing any damage either to the machine or the interior, or worse, you! Contacting a technician is an option, but it can get expensive even if they are willing to tackle the job.

A clever way to greatly reduce the risk of injury, save money, and make the whole situation safer, is to put both the washer and the dryer on separate, sturdy,slide-out shelves, complete with sturdy side rails and heavy duty bearings. It’s a neat trick and really adds a convenient way to access the washer and dryer when repairs are needed. Have questions about the process? Come in to Fretz RV to chat with the experts.Quite often, it’s not the complicated repairs that will disable your machines, however. For example, some sort of restricted airflow usually causes a long dry time in your dryer, provided the heater is working. The vent at the back of the dryer is next to impossible to access in a typical installation, the exception being a vent-less dryer. Sliding the dryer out on its own shelf makes it simple, safe,and accessible. Washers, the kind found in most RVs, are difficult to work on due to the limited space. They too, have typical problems that could be made easier to solve if the front and back of the machine is accessible. The slide-out shelf solves this problem. Clogged drain pumps are a very common problem with washers. Depending on the model, accessing the drain pump from behind the machine is made possible if the machine is on a slide. Another definite feature with slide out shelves is the ability to access the water valves, hoses, and power. The last thing you will want to happen is a hose bursting and having no way to access it! By the time you turn the main water off, severe damage will already have occurred.

These are just a few tips to help make RV life a little more convenient and enjoyable. Have you had trouble with a washer and dryer set or have questions about the process in general? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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