Driving Your RV In Hazardous Conditions

fretz-rv-hazardous-drivingIf you’re an RVer from this area of the country, you know what it’s like to navigate through some pretty awful weather. We have everything, every year and are as prepared as we can be. Even so, there are still some tips we can provide to keep you safe in your Pennsylvania RV. 

Know Your Load

If you’re not used to it, driving around in or with an RV can be quite an adjustment. There is more to watch for, more to be aware of. That extra load will make a big difference in a lot of actions you would likely take for granted in a smaller vehicle. For example, in a sedan, when you slam on the brakes you pretty much come to a stop right then. If you’re driving a Class A and slam on the brakes, you will likely slide to a quick stop. The reality is that there is a lot more mass to slow down and that weight has to be accounted for. Take the same situation and apply it to an icy road. You should never hit the brakes over a patch of ice because it will send the car into a tailspin. If that could happen for just a small car, imagine what that would do to an RV.

Slow Down

Avoiding unsafe drivers in snowy or rainy situations is impossible. During these conditions,there are always those who think the law of gravity or cause and effect doesn’t apply to them. Be smarter by not tempting the hand of fate. Feel no pressure to speed up on these roads. Stay in the right hand lands where you can go a slower pace that is more comfortable with your load. The less often you change lanes, the less you deviate from the worn tracks and the higher probability of stable riding. It’s also helpful to make sure everyone inside your vehicle stays seated and buckled up, just in case.

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