Birdwatching Tips

It’s National Hobby Month and, in light of this, may we suggest you try birdwatching? Combining the love for birding and RVing can make any vacation the retreat of a lifetime. Rather than rambling through the forest or sun bathing on the beach, birding while on vacation has a special purpose and will make for a lifetime of memories. Birding is a hobby that involves observing species of wild birds, their physical characteristics and their behaviors. Birding can be enjoyed by both experienced birdwatchers and those new to this thrilling pastime. This hobby is growing in popularity with over 50 million birders within the United States and growing.

Before you can experience the joy of birding, there are a few things you will need to get started. Purchase a bird guide book. Take a moment to look through it before you head out, or take it with you on your journey. Learn about the different families of birds to help narrow your search down. Next, every birder needs a good pair of binoculars. You might already own a pair that is laying around or in a drawer.

There really isn’t much to birding from your RV. It’s quite simple. Set up your Philadelphia RV around areas such as forests, mountains and meadows where you are more likely to find your new favorite species of bird. By birding from your RV, you have the advantage of seeing wild birds that don’t visit backyards or surrounding urban areas; you go to them! It’s important to remember to be quiet and patient while birding.

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Birding is a great way to get you out and enjoying Mother Nature and your RV is the ideal way to get there. If you don’t own an RV or you’re interested in rentals, check out Fretz RV. We have a wide selection with a knowledgeable sales staff to help get you on your way to your next birding adventure.

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