Being Green on the Road


Many RV enthusiasts are convinced that the RV lifestyle can’t be green. After all, we’re either using gas-guzzling trucks to tow heavy trailers or are cruising along in gas or diesel-guzzling motorhomes. However, many components of the RV lifestyle are environmentally-friendly, and there are numerous ways to make the less eco-friendly components better for mother nature too.

The following are a few ways you can live in a more environmentally-friendly way when on the road.

Live a Full-Time RV Lifestyle

Moving out of a brick-and-mortar home and into an RV means you’ll be cutting your carbon footprint nearly in half. After all, you’ll be trading a much larger home for one that is several hundred square feet in size at most. This means you’ll be minimizing your power and water use as well as the number of not-so-eco-friendly items you possess.

Boondock More Often

Let’s face it, there’s not too much adventure involved in driving to a luxury RV park and plugging into 50-amp power. Make your RV excursions more adventurous, more cost-effective and more eco-friendly by camping in primitive areas, without hookups, more often. Challenge yourself by staying off-the-grid, without filling your tanks or using your generator, for as long as possible. Even better, the Bureau of Land Management and National Forest Lands organizations offer tons of free camping for those who are willing to go off the grid.

Start Your Own Recycling System

Not all campgrounds and RV parks are equipped with the proper recycling systems. Take it upon yourself to create a recycling system in your RV. Use separate containers for aluminum, plastic, cardboard and other waste, so you can dispose of them at recycling centers along your journey. The “irecycle” app will also help you locate places that offer recycling services, so all of your RV waste doesn’t end up at the landfill.

Let Us Help

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