Air Opus Camper Review: 2 Innovative Designs for Lightweight RVs

Sometimes the best inventions are born over a shared cup of coffee; that was the case for these Air Opus campers now available at Fretz RV.  The design came from a desire to offer an easy-to-tow, easy-to-store RV option for families and individuals without the need to invest in a towing vehicle. Learn more about how these unique pop-up campers and travel trailers can help your family explore in this Air Opus Camper review.

Opus Camper Main
Learn more of the features of this Opus pop-up camper!

Opus Pop Up Camper

You shouldn’t have to have a large truck to be able to enjoy your vacations out at the campground.  When you take home an Opus folding pop-up camper, you can tow it with your family vehicle!  This 2021 Opus pop-up camper at Fretz RV is only 2,870 lbs with a hitch weight of just 220 lbs!  That lightweight design makes it ideal for hauling with your car or SUV.  The secret to the lightweight design is the rapid deployment of the AIR-inflated technology, which allows the entire camper to be ready to use in just 90 seconds!  The Aluminum Dibon walls feature polystyrene insulation to keep you comfortable all year long.

Additional Features:

  • Double-Sized Tent End Beds
  • U-Shaped Dining Lounge
  • Slide Out Kitchen
  • Fridge Slide Out
  • 4 Day Off-Site Capability
Opus Camper Living
Find more Opus Camper floorplans on order at Fretz RV.

Opus Travel Trailer

Another option that is ideal for lightweight towing, but offers a more substantial frame, is the Opus Camper travel trailers at Fretz RV. These travel trailers are built with luxury, comfort, and functionality in mind. The full-sized bamboo wardrobe provides a beautiful accent to the modern interior design of the trailer. The expanding roof gives the trailer a low-profile for transportation without sacrificing your headspace when you’re at the campground. 

Additional Features:

  • Wet Bath
  • Bunk Beds
  • L-Shaped Dinette Lounge
  • Slide Out Kitchen
  • Exterior Slide Out
  • 300 Watt Solar System
Opus Trailer Living
The LED lighting provides you with an energy-efficient design that you’ll love!

Get the RV you need to start taking your family on incredible vacations today!  Contact us to order your Opus Camper travel trailer or pop-up camper.

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