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2024 Allentown RV & Campgrounds Show

Allentown RV Show
Dates: Friday, January 12, 2024 - Sunday, January 14, 2024
Venue: Allentown Fairgrounds
302 N 17th St. Allentown PA. 18104, Allentown PA
Tel: +1-610-433-7541

Discover a vast array of RV options at the Allentown RV Show, where our dedicated and knowledgeable dealers are ready to guide you in selecting the perfect vehicle, whether it's a compact camper or a spacious Class A Motor Home. Our team takes pride in hosting some of the friendliest and most reputable dealers in the industry, many of whom have been trusted partners since our inception.

Explore our expansive 60,000 square foot indoor space, brimming with a diverse range of vehicles to suit every preference. Additionally, we extend our showcase to an extra 30,000 square feet outdoors to meet the high demand from our esteemed dealers. With a consistent presence of at least nine different dealers each year, the Allentown RV Show guarantees a wide selection of quality vehicles for all attendees.

Beyond the impressive RV lineup, our event features numerous quality campgrounds and various vendors to enhance your experience. Don't miss the Anderson's Campground Distribution booth, a significant attraction where you can gather information on over 100 campgrounds along the east coast. For RV enthusiasts and camping aficionados, attending this show is essential. Immerse yourself in the world of RVs and camping at the Allentown RV Show, your ultimate destination for exploration and discovery.

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