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The new Cascade...

Chinook Glacier

Introducing the Glacier 2500 with DIAB sandwich technology, hydraulic room extension with air-bladder room-seal, and automatic self-leveling system. The only class C motorhome with HWH, state-of-the-art CAN (Controlled Area Network) technology - until now, only available on high-end, class A motor coaches:

Some of the new features:

  • Contemporary, DIAB foam core shell construction
  • New, lighter-weight balsa core floor system
  • Fully-ducted air system
  • Curb-side entry door
  • Dry bath
  • Increased ceiling-height (6'5")
  • HWH, series 2000 CAN technology
  • Hydraulic sofa slide by HWH and CHINOOK
  • Hydraulic, automatic self-leveling system
  • Room-extension with air-bladder seal


  • CHINOOK 's Glacier, 2500 is the only class C motorhome with HWH, state-of-the art, CAN (Controller Area Network) technology - integrated electronics with single main trunk line operates leveling, room extension and bladder-seal systems.

  • Computerized automatic self-leveling system with one-touch control - contemporary HWH 2000-series electronics and components developed specifically for CHINOOK.

  • Air-bladder room seal eliminates bulky "bulb seals" and flange around room - room-extension has a smooth, automotive-fit appearance.

  • HWH hydraulics provide fast, smooth and even room expansion and contraction - fully automated system with reliable pin-lock mechanism and one-touch control.


  • Innovative materials and techniques make our single-piece fiberglass shell lighter, stronger, and more durable than ever - winner of the Composites Manufacturers Association, 2002 ACE Achievement Award using DIAB materials, vacuum bagging and resin infusion techniques.

  • DIAB, ProBalsa flooring - provides stronger, more structurally-sound construction with dramatically reduced overall weight.

  • DIAB Divinycell, sandwich-foam in sides -and roof - improved strength and rigidity with significant weight reduction.

  • State-of-the-art materials and manufacturing techniques - provides improved thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

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