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2013 Roadtrek Motorhome CS Adventurous

Motorhome CS Adventurous Motorhome CS Adventurous Motorhome CS Adventurous Motorhome CS Adventurous Motorhome CS Adventurous Motorhome CS Adventurous Motorhome CS Adventurous

The Ultimate Small Motorhome for the Real RVer

If you're a serious RVer or camper, you'll love the new CS-Adventurous.

Like the RS-Adventurous, it's based on the 170" wheelbase "regular" Sprinter van so it's 16" shorter than the extended version some other manufacturers use. That may not sound like much, but it can be the difference between squeezing into a regular parking spot or having to find two in a row.

An expanded galley features a 7 cu. ft. refrigerator/freezer, raised convection microwave oven for easier access, hot and cold filtered drinking water dispenser, and loads of storage above and below the spacious counter and inside the large pantry. The Paperstone galley counter top is made of recycled paper and phenolic resin. Its stylish look defies its eco friendly construction.

The Alde hydronic heating system provides wonderful in-floor radiant comfort heating throughout, supplementary radiant heat in the bathroom, and hot water. The same system allows you to preheat the vehicle, including the engine, on cold days. And it takes advantage of excess engine heat when the engine is running to reduce propane use.

Otherwise the CS similar to the RS on the passenger side and at the rear. The second row features a luxurious captain's seat for even greater comfort on or off the road. All three captain's seats swivel for great dining or relaxing. The second row seat will even swivel towards the rear to give everyone a great view of the TV. Comfortable front sleeping is achieved with our optional folding mattress. Stored during the day under the hanging wardrobe, it rests on top of the front four seats to provide a longer, flat and even sleeping surface. When you don't need it, just leave it at home.

The permanent bathroom's unique doors maximize aisle width when the bathroom's not in use. Yet when in use there's ample space inside while keeping the aisle clear. Inside you'll find a toilet, sink and a sit-down or stand-up shower.

The spare tire is stored on the vehicle underside just ahead of the rear axle. Without a Continental kit at the rear, the vehicle's length is minimized and easy access to both rear doors is maintained.


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RV Specs
  • Length : 6945 mm/22' 9" (1)
  • Height - overall : 2920 mm/9' 7" (with roof A/C)
  • Width - overall (w/o mirrors) : 2025 mm/6' 8"
  • Wheel base : 4325 mm/170"
  • Gross vehicle weight rating : 5003 Kg/11030 lbs.
  • Gross combined weight rating (3) : 6915 Kg/15250 lbs.
  • Towing - tow weight (4) : 3200 Kg/7000 lbs.
  • Towing - tongue weight (5) : 340 Kg/750 lbs.
  • Standing height : 1910 mm/75"
  • Rear king bed (length) : 1980 mm/78"
  • Rear king bed (width) : 1750 mm/69"
  • Rear twin bed (length) L, R : 1980 mm/78"
  • Rear twin bed (width) : 710 mm/28"
  • Front single bed (length) L, R : 1930 mm/76" (option)
  • Front single bed (width) : 560 mm/22" (option)
  • Occupants & cargo carrying capacity - max. (2) : 1350 Kg/3000 lbs.