RV Pre-Trip Inspection | RV Pre-Trip Inspection

RV Pre-Trip Inspection

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Exterior RV Pre-Trip Checklist

Interior RV Pre-Trip Inspection

Leaks: You will be required to look for fluid leaks from your vehicle. Fluid loss could indicate component failure in areas where levels might not be readily checked (i.e., transmission or fuel systems). Prepare refrigerator for traveling:  Make sure items are packed tight and ready for travel.
Tires: Check for proper inflation, tire condition (checking for cuts or other damage to tires), and tread depth. Too much or too little air pressure results in bad wear of tires. The tire cannot have any fabric showing through the tread or sidewall. Interior storage: Check and secure all interior doors, cabinets and drawer. Store heavy items in floor-level cabinets.
Lug nuts: Check to ensure that all lug nuts are present and not loose. Loose or missing lug nuts could result in the loss of a wheel. Roof vents closed
Directional signals & Lights: Check that all lights and directional signals (left/right, front/rear) are working properly Windows closed
Fluids:  Check all vehicle fluids including oil and washer fluid. Stove cover: Make sure the stove top cover is in the down position
Exterior Storage:  Check and secure exterior storage compartment latches for proper seal and that they are locked. Make sure items in the storage compartment are ready for the journey.
Microwave: Make sure the microwave turntable is safe for travel.
Hoses & Cords:  Make sure that the sewer hose, water hose, and power cord are disconnected and properly stowed. RV supplies: Check your supply of RV toilet tissue, toilet chemical, spare fuses, light bulbs, etc.
Lower TV antenna/satellite dish Prepare refrigerator for traveling
Retract slides and install braces / Travel locks Turn off all lights
Inspection, Registration, Insurance:  Make sure your vehicle has a current state inspection, insurance, and registration. Complete first-aide kit
Secure all windows and ceiling vents Stow folding chairs and other outside items
Retract entry step
Stow TV and TV shelf
Windshield: Check and inspect the windshield for cracks and cleanliness. Countertop is clear
Awning secured
Water pump off
Shut off all gas pilot lights
Second walk-around

Final Thoughts

Don't forget your:

  • Presciption medication, vitamins, etc.Glasses (sun and / or prescription).
  • Cell phone and charger.
  • GPS and mapPet supplies, food, dish, and leash
Things to Consider:
  • Is your insurance up to date and insurance card current?
  • Did you remember to review and confirm your travel reservations?